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The mathematical game BEDMAS® is based on the decimal numbering system. Mixture of power of decimal numbering system, logics of mathematical operations and our innovations provides our valued customers with an exciting, entertaining and educating game playtime. The number of players that can play this game are from 2 to 4. Since mathematics is the global language, BEDMAS is suitable for players who speak any language. The game rules are provided in English and French.

BEDMAS - Basic
* Excellent mathematical game and educational tool.
* Provides exciting playtime for the whole family
* Affordable price with durable plastic parts.
* Contents: 148 number tiles, 30 number disks, 4 tile bars, 1 tray and 1 disk bag.
* Good for 2 to 4 players. Ages 7 to adult.


1. The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Award (2003) Winner.
2. A 2003 Parent's Choice Approved Award Winner.
3. Parent's Guide Honor Award (2003) Winner.
4. Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award (2006) Winner


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